Our Iced Teabags collection is perfect for Summer, just throw in some seasonal fruits or add a glug of booze for a thirst-quenching iced tea cocktail or mocktail. Here are few tips to spike  your drink with everything from black and green tea to mint and chai.


  1. Pink Flamingo Iced Tea: Best enjoyed in a supremely bubbly cocktail like Mimosa when you float sparkling wine on top of Pink Flamingo Iced Tea.


  1. Cocktail Hour Iced Tea: Stir this dazzling composition of Black & Green Tea up with Rum and Coke to create Cuba Libre, an all-time favourite with a twist.


  1. Alfonso Iced Tea:  Perfect way to kick-start summer evening with a tangy Alfonso cocktail spiked with vodka, cointreau and lime juice.


  1. Tea Party Iced Tea: This iced tea isn’t just for savoring slowly on a hot summer’s day but made for partying, lending a gentle energy boost to an afternoon of fun in the sun.


  1. Sweet France Iced Tea: This graceful green tea blend with a touch of chamomile mixes well with whisky & bitters to recreate an Old Fashioned, a timeless classic with a touch of originality.


  1. Red Chai Iced Tea: This Red tea blended with rare and aromatic Indian spices strikes a perfect balance with Rum.


  1. Pomme Prestige Iced Tea: This tangy and delightful black tea with immortal aroma of fragrant apples is a perfect thirst quencher when topped up with Cider.


  1. Moroccan Mint Iced Tea: Mojito is one of the yummiest drinks out there, revisit this refreshing classic cocktail with a twist of our Moroccan Mint Tea.


  1. French Earl Grey Iced Tea: Delicately balances the refreshing citrus notes of some of the finest Gins to create a classic, anywhere from a French 55 cocktail to a Martini or a Gin Collins.


  1. Eternal Summer Iced Tea: This South African Rooibos tea infuses nicely with Vodka to create a Tea Cosmopolitan, a classic and trendy cocktail perfect for any occasion.


  1. Caravan Iced Tea: A natural complement to cocktails, caravan tea shaken over ice with Bourbon whiskey and simple syrup is perfect for a sunny afternoon.


  1. 1837 Green Iced Tea: This aromatic green tea blend boasting a lofty fruit and flower bouquet is best enjoyed as a contemporary summer brew when spiked with light lager beer and lemonade.


  1. 1837 Black Iced Tea: A unique blend of black tea which tastes best when spiked with Cognac or Brandy & Orange liqueur to create Sweet Tea, a cocktail which is a southern favourite and tailor made for hot summer days.