The Story of Devyani International

Devyani International Limited is an associate company of RJ Corp - largest bottler for PepsiCo - with interests in beverages, food, milk, ice-cream, health care, real estate, education and many more. We are the fastest growing, customer centric, profitable player in the Indian retail food and beverage sector, with presence in different space zones cutting across Indian subcontinent, Nepal and Nigeria. Devyani International Limited currently has a visibility of 500+ outlets of Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa Coffee, Vaango and many other brands.

Devyani International Limited is the largest franchisee for Pizza Hut, KFC and Costa Coffee in India. With distinguished track record and expertise in the Quick Service Restaurant segment, we has launched our own brand Vaango – a world class south Indian Restaurant chain.

We also import and market TWG Tea in India and the UK exclusively.