TWG Tea Teapots and Carafes Boston Teapot

Boston Teapot (350 ml)

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Crafted to serve TWG Teabags in style, the ceramic Boston Teapot was specially conceived with a convenient knob designed to fix the teabag in place during preparation and service. Reminiscent of the American teabag tradition, restyled in timeless elegance, the Boston Teapot is suitable for all varieties of tea.

How to take care of bone china?

Classic and functional, the signature bone china collection is adorned with the signature TWG Tea logo and is perfectly suited to any tea table. Hand washing in warm water and mild detergent is recommended. Do not place delicate bone china in a dishwasher as strong dishwashing soap could damage the china over time. Rinse in cool water and you may add a cup of vinegar per litre of water to remove any stains. Air dry or wipe your bone china with a soft cotton fabric.