TWG Tea Teabags Grand Tea Taster Collection 30 PC

Grand Tea Taster Collection

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TWG Tea presents the ultimate teabag, entirely hand-sewn from 100% cotton containing 2.5 grams of whole-leaf fine harvests and exclusive tea blends. This classic teabag assortment includes Singapore Breakfast Tea, French Earl, Silver Moon Tea, 1837 Black Tea, Vanilla Bourbon Tea, Chamomile, displayed in a magnificent gift box of 30 teabags.

30 * 2.5g Teabags

Tea Variety : Green Tea, Black Tea, Red Tea (Rooibos)

Tea Preparation : Pour 95°C water over one teabag and infuse for 4-5 minutes for one cup, or 5-7 minutes for a small teapot. Remove teabag and serve.